Monday, May 19, 2008

Potty Boot Camp, Day 1

So, thank God, we all survived. It is a miracle, really.

Miss Hadleigh Claire did wonderfully. She was thrilled about her new big girl underware (which had Elmo on it). We made it through 2 hours without an accident which was thrilling. The first hour she went potty 7 times (I was giving her massive amounts of juice) and several times she initiated it. Over the 4 hours in the morning before her nap she had two accidents. I think both were a result of getting too caught up in playing. After her accidents we did Potty Drills, which Hadleigh thought were hilarious. She kept saying, "practice?" This afternoon she did fabulous with no accidents.

Tomorrow we are doing the naked thing, so hopeful that will go well and give her a better sensation of yuckiness. It is funny, I kept asking her where peepee goes. I would say "does peepee go in your panties?" and she would shake her head and exclaim "no, it goes in the potty!" We will see.

Annelise, unfortunately was a terror today. She cried unless she was being held. Good night! Thankfully she took a decent morning nap which let me really focus on Hadleigh this morning. But was I ever thrilled when Dave walked in that door tonight.

I hope tomorrow goes even better than today...

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