Monday, May 31, 2010

What Happened to May?

It is May 31 and I have no idea what happened to May. We finished up swim lessons for Hadleigh and Annelise. Both did marvelously well, and I look forward to seeing how they continue to develop as swimmers. Once Annelise turns 3 they can be in the same swim class, so I'm really looking forward to that development for next spring. We bought them both floaties to use in the pool this summer which is a new thing. I have been against using floaties because I think it gives a false sense of secuity and also messes with proper technique. However, these seem to give them a little more independence and confidence in the water, and since I'm large and in charge I could really do with a little break from having them climb all over me in the water. HC did very well in her swim lessons, but seems to lack confidence in the pool with me. I guess it is easier to be brave for someone else, than with your mama. But I hope by the end of the summer things will be a little better. And, of course, Annelise is all about her independence, so watch out for that one in the water!

We also finished up school this month. I am glad to see it end and get into a summer routine, which has yet to happen, but here's to this week! I'm looking forward to some trips to the zoo, and lots of time in the pool, and some extra fun play time with their friends. School in the fall is still up in the air, we will have to see how everything pans out this summer and then make a decision. I hate not knowing what we will be doing, but it is also nice to put off the decision.

We had a little scare with our AC early in the month, but it ended up being a $50 fix (sigh of relief), but the scare led us to make some decisions about our air conditioning. We have been putting off the decision for 2 years, but it is finally time to take the plunge and get something that will better suit our house. Because we have a split level, it is hard to heat and cool the house (every level is at a different temp, so the downstairs might be 70, but the upstairs is 80, etc). After several bids we finally decided to put another ac/heat unit upstairs in our attic that will heat and cool the upstairs. I think this is a good decision, albeit an expensive one...blah! So, in light of that we needed to get an electrician to put in a sub-panel and do some rewiring (since the previous electrician wired the 4th bedroom and bathroom onto the same circuit as the kitchen...this was before our time). Now everything is in its rightful place and we are ready for the AC guys who will come in another week or so.

Now our home projects are severely limited, so this weekend we painted the little man's room, and we touched-up the hallway, and are finishing painting the doors. Past that Dave worked on the porch, knocking down a brick wall, and for Mother's Day he bought me a beautiful set of table and chairs that we are enjoying (now that they have been sealed). He also made a beautiful side gate to keep the kiddos in the backyard. It's so nice to have a handy husband!
The little man is doing well, and we are both growing at a good rate. I had been feeling well (ya know, big, but fine) until mid-week and then started having some pre-term labor. Joy! So, per the midwife, everything is still fine, but I need to keep my feet up a bit more, so that we keep this kid in the oven for a bit longer. My body is working over-time so I'm tired from all the contractions, but we will all make it. I need to make it to July because I don't need a baby younger than 38 weeks...of course all this probably insures that I will make it to 42 weeks...ah joy!

Our last big May happening was our vacation, which I will leave for another post, but let's say it was awesome, and maybe I wish I was still on it. =)