Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Adriatic 92-05

In 1992 I traveled to Albania with an organization called Teen Missions Int'l (shout out to Daniel Kuder and Summer Meyers Gross, the only two teammates that I have managed to keep in touch with). For those of you who don't know where Albania is, it is just across the Adriatic from Italy and is surrounded on all sides by the former Yugoslavia. We spent all 2 months in the capital of Albania, Tirane, but we took a day trip to Durres which is on the shore.

I have two vivid memories from our trip.
My first memory is that a girl names Heidi had a little too much red koolaid before we got on the bus and puked all over Daniel (is that right?).

My second is that bomb shelters lined the beach. We took full advantage of the shelters as they were fairly comfortable to lay out on.

At the beginning of this month Dave and I headed to Slovenia, which is a little country sandwiched between Italy, Austria, Croatia and the Adriatic. We had a wonderful time and on the trip spent 3 days in a little town on the Adriatic called Piran. Fortunately for us there was no puking and no bomb shelters! We had a wonderful time snorkeling, eating fried calamari, and enjoying the views of the shores of Italy and Croatia.

Us in Piran, Slovenia
Albania Team in Durres 1992