Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome True Schaeffer

As a surprise to us all, this past Thursday, July 15, I woke up in labor. It was only a surprise because July 15 was my due date and I mean seriously, what baby arrives on their due date?
I'll have time later to chronicle my labor and delivery, which I think was my best to date, but until that time we wanted to officially welcome our newest addition to the fam, True Schaeffer. He was 8 lbs. 9 oz. (rather large for being on time in my opinion) and 21 3/4 inches long. True is a family name, Dave's great-grandfather (I think it was great-grandfather) was named True, and Dave's middle name is True. I have always loved it. Everytime I found out something cool about Dave (while we were dating), I would always exclaim, "and his middle name is True!" because it seemed he was way too good to be true. Dave really liked the name Schaeffer and the meaning, which is steward. Being a good steward of all that the Lord has entrusted to us from finances, to children has always been a topic of conversation, so it only seems appropriate that we would enjoy that name for one of our children. So there you go, can't say he is named for Frances Schaeffer because I haven't read enough of his books...but I have several on my list this year, so maybe soon I'll claim that one. =)
For now we are a tired, and happy family of 5. If you are interested in comparing pictures of True with our girls, click here for Hadleigh and here for Annelise.