Saturday, September 24, 2005

17 Weeks and Counting

OK, so here I am at week 17. Dave used some photo techniques in the first picture to make me look larger than I really am. The second picture is more acurate to my size. I wish that I was a little larger than I am because this past week many ladies made comments that I looked about 12 weeks pregnant. Though I should have taken it as a compliment, two things ran through my head. 1-There is something wrong with Cubby, the little one must not be growing properly, etc. 2-I am not as far along as they told me and I am going to have to repeat weeks 13-17. Neither option sounded appropriate to me. I did, however, have my 17 week appt on Thursday and both Dave and I were able to see our healthy little Cubby moving around in my tummy. Now I am just thankful that I am small, but know that the days of becoming large are around the corner.

My major accomplishment for this week has been keeping down the vitamins 3 days in a row! I am hoping my next major accomplishment will be to keep enough down to actually gain a few pounds! All in due time I know.