Sunday, November 14, 2010

4 Months

Tomorrow True will be 4 months old, which is totally insane, but true. He is such a sweet, good natured baby, now if we can only get him to sleep through the night! He had been sleeping from 6pm-4am, and then again until 6am, but over the last two weeks things have deteriorated. I am trying to get him on a schedule of sorts, but of course we were on vaca last week and he just gets dragged along. He seems to sleep well on the fly, but that needs to stop and we need to let the poor boy sleep in his bed. I am hoping once we figure out his nap schedule we will be back toa good night sleep, and maybe a whole night of sleep.

True took his first plane ride this month, and added three states to his list of travels. We went to Tennessee to visit Grandma and Grandpa, Great-Grandma Shoestring, and see Aunt Angie get married. He also met his Great-Aunt Kate and his second-cousin (always unsure about these things) Gary, as well as his regular cousins Jon, Josh and Jacob. Later in the month we flew up to NJ/NY where he met Great-Grandma Gladys-Claire, and his Great-Uncle Alan and Great-Aunt Kathy. But that will be a post for another time.

We will visit the doc in another week so we will get to see his stats at that time, but I am sure this boy is at least 14 pounds. He seems rather large to me, not petite like the girls. I keep waiting for his weight to drop off, but that has not happened yet. We shall see.

Everyone LOVES True. He loves to smile at anyone who makes eye contact with him. It is super sweet and makes everyone who meets him happy. I mean how can you resist a sweet baby smiling at you? He seems very social, loves to talk and chatter and laugh and smile. If every baby was like this...yea. =)

True loves both of his big sisters. They are huge helpers and love him back. I am still impressed with the way that the girls can entertain him and calm him down when he is upset. All the siblings are amazing and I am hopeful their relationship will continue.
I included pictures of Hadleigh and Annelise when they were 4 months, I think it is fun to see how much they look like each other. True is the top pic, Annelise is the middle and Hadleigh is the bottom.